田中 裕梨 / Yu-ri Tanaka

Birth:1月3日 福井県出身





2016年からリリースしているシティポップ・カバー「CITY LIGHTS」シリーズは既に3作を発売。レコードも即完するなどシーンの一翼を担うシンガーでもある。


While vocal music is placed in the roots, she is a vocalist who works in various fields such as jazz band BLU-SWING and performed in Ise Grand Shrine Great festival’s music dedication (in 2013), which hold once in 20 year.

Debuted as a vocalist of jazz band BLU-SWING debuted from Colombia in Japan in 2008. She is in charge of the lyrics of BLU-SWING.

The debut album "Revision" was No. 1 in the club chart, the third in the main shop's J POP chart.

The album "TRANSIT" (2013) was 2nd in the iTunes JAZZ single chart for three weeks. The remix album "ARRIVAL" (2014) which is the best album "SKY IS THE LIMIT" (2015) has won first place in the iTunes JAZZ album.

She is also known for international activities such as appearing in the Japan Festival in Asia including Indonesia and Vietnam.

Also played as a back band of the concert master "Vasko Vassilev" of London Royal Opera House.

Also, participated in recording work such as Tatsuo Sunaga and Uyama Hiroto, re:plus, KDDI au design project "MEDIA SKIN".

Noteworthy is her live performance that transforms in every time from acoustic formation to band formation, attracting a lot of people.

December 28, 2016, 1st Solo album "CITY LIGHTS" released!