田中 裕梨 / Yu-ri Tanaka

Birth:1月3日 福井県出身




2016年からリリースしているシティポップ・カバー「CITY LIGHTS」シリーズは既に3作を発売。レコードも即完するなどシーンの一翼を担うシンガーでもある。


A vocalist rooted in classical singing, Yu-ri Tanaka is known for her versatile musical activities. She has participated in various projects, starting with jazz band BLU-SWING, and has also performed at the Ise Grand Shrine's once-in-20-years festival "Shikinen Sengu" in 2013.

She made her major debut in 2008 as the vocalist for the jazz band BLU-SWING. In addition, she has been involved in recordings for various artists, along with production of music for films and commercials.

Since 2016, she has been releasing a series of city pop covers titled "CITY LIGHTS," with three albums out already. She plays a significant role in the music scene, with her records selling out quickly.

Notably, her live performances, which seamlessly transition from acoustic to band arrangements, have captivated and enchanted many people.